The Vibrating Eggs that can transform your erotic life!

Erotic toys, such as vibrating eggs, are increasingly being used to rekindle fantasy and make intimate moments more pleasant. Not all vibrators have the shape of the penis; some are egg-shaped and others have bullet shape and both are spreading in the female universe as the taboo of sexual autoeroticism is gradually disappearing.

What is the Vibrating Egg?
It’s a mini vibrator, very erotic and fun. Originally created for vaginal stimulation, as its name suggests, it has an oval shape to adapt in a more ergonomic way to the feminine forms. Remote controlled by remote control, its use is intended for both women’s autoeroticism and their partners’ sexuality. The remote control can in fact be operated at any time either by the woman or by the couple, who will have fun and excite themselves by watching their wife fill with pleasure thanks to its vibrations. Available in different colours, the vibrating egg can vary in length and diameter.

 the vibrating egg can vary in length and diameter

How is it used?
The woman inserts the toy into the vagina, facilitating its penetration with a lubricating gel. The egg usually ends with a cord, which allows you to remove it easily; the criterion is the same as that adopted by internal absorbers. The woman can calmly go out into the street with the ovum inserted in the vagina; once introduced with the remote control that comes with it, the vibration can be activated at any time, establishing the intensity of pleasure: from the slowest to the most vigorous. The couple can participate in the erotic game by activating the remote control remotely, to their pleasure, and in various situations, even public! The novelty of the egg or the wireless vibrating bullet is precisely in the possibility of involving your partner, in circumstances that come out of the domestic walls, is very discreet, because it is silent and allows you to create really exciting moments in the restaurant, on the beach, at the discotheque etc., making each experience, unique in its genre.

The benefits
This vibrator not only went from being the most erotic and perverse toy for women to being an optimal ally for the health of their genital organs. Among the many benefits for sex life are also the health benefits of women, they advise them for example after a natural childbirth because the movement of the toy inside the vagina tones the pelvic floor muscles. This movement can also prevent incontinence problems and improve vaginal dryness problems.

Benefits for the intimate life of couples include:

Increased level of intimacy.
Reignite sexual fantasies in the couple by intensifying desire.
Stimulate erection and allow orgasms to be achieved with less difficulty.

You don’t necessarily have to be in crisis or go through a phase of sexual monotony with your partner to experience the use of a sex toy. Using the vibrating egg or vibrating bullet will give you pure pleasure moments to your individual or couple life!

And as always we advise you to use a good lubricant with your sex toys and clean them with a suitable toy cleaner before each use.

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