Springtime: How it Affects Sexual Desire

They say springtime blood alters and revolutionizes sexual desire. The spring and heat season has always been associated with increased libido. But is it true? According to the experts, during the hot months, people are in a better mood and this is already a very positive factor when it comes to facing things and having greater predisposition.

sexual desire is influenced by

The arrival of heat is synonymous with less clothing.

Added to this, the days are longer and the hours spent on the street are increased. The climate invites you to exercise outdoors, which influences our mood by increasing the production of endorphins. The more exercise, the more testosterone and therefore the more sexual desire. They are the ingredients more than necessary for the libido to increase.

However, there is no scientific study that certifies that spring directly affects sexual desire. However, circumstances, our state of mind, our longest time on the street and the empowerment of our social life do help to increase sexual desire. But, unlike in the life of some animals, spring is not a determining factor in our sexual desire.

Therefore, it is not that there is an increase in libido because it is spring, but that the mood varies and with it, the predisposition to have a greater social life, to meet new people, more love affairs, eat fresher food. These factors contribute to changing the body’s chemistry and increasing sexual desire.

Conditions are propitious and can directly influence our sexual desire. During the summer, going to the beach, leaving aside routine, seeing the bodies better when you have fewer clothes, is a stimulus that can provoke greater sexual desire.

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