The Four Most Common Sexual Practices Today

The Barcelona Erotic Show is committed to giving visibility to the sector’s most popular trends, which are gaining social acceptance thanks to the Internet and best-selling books:

BDSM: Under these abbreviations are hidden these practices and fantasies related to each other: Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submissiveness and Masochism Sadism. It brings freedom, new sensations, helps you to get to know yourself better, like your G-points, that there is a great variety, even in the eyebrows or in three places in the spine. The BDSM “is a strong adult game and you have to know how far you can go. That’s why he points out the three golden rules that must be respected:”establish rules and follow them, mark a key word to stop the game and take into account any health problems that may exist”.

Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submissiveness and Masochism Sadism

Swinger: This anglicism refers to the exchange of couples, although the translation in Spanish preferred by its practitioners is that of liberal couples. It is totally on the rise,”says one of the managers of the swinger area of the salon, before pointing out that only in Barcelona operate nine premises dedicated to this practice. The exchange club is the meeting place for ordinary couples who are looking for couples of the same type, with themed rooms and objects that they don’t usually have at home,”he says. The precautions to be considered would be normal for any sexual relationship. Condom use is mandatory and the club has showers and hygiene measures. And he says,”women usually like it a lot.”

Foot Fetish: Without a doubt, the best known fetish is the erotic attraction of the feet. It has always existed, but now people live it more naturally,”explains a sexblogger responsible for the area dedicated to this trend, one of the novelties of the show. Most commonly, men are attracted to female feet, although the opposite is true. Some people are fascinated by small feet or other sizes, others look at the bow because they like to tickle, or by the shape of their toes, by clean feet or by those that show their natural smell… It’s a very varied world,”says Poch, just like the games that are played: erotic massage, tickling or trampling. In the latter case, more pain intervenes, the only precaution to take into account is knowing how and where to step “, explains the expert.

Tantra: It is not known whether it was the Buddha himself or later or even earlier masters who laid the foundations of this oriental doctrine that seeks to elevate the spirit through the use of sexual desire. Its practitioners affirm that this is “a spiritual path based on the mind and continence of climax” that is attracting more and more interest. Now it is gaining popularity because there is a crisis of values and people are looking for something deeper and more authentic,”explains one of the people responsible for this area of the Barcelona erotic salon. Both recommend the practice of tantra to people who “want to experience their sex life without taboos, taking into account that their goal is not to last longer in bed, that’s just one part of the tantra that has been twisted,” he warns.

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