How do fights affect our sex life?

The race to make sex life more creative has an irrefutable millennial enemy: fights.

fight in a relation

When couples have differences in their daily lives, sex life inevitably pays the consequences. These guidelines will give you an idea of how to detect and improve your sexual problems:

Negative: Either one of us has a self-esteem problem or constant criticism from the other arises, but this kind of conditions will end up affecting sexual performance.

Obligation: If sex becomes an obligation for either of us, regardless of the desires of the other or with the intention of avoiding fights and bad environments, it will not only diminish the quality of sex, but it will cause resentment…

Performance: When making love comes out of the vocabulary and it’s only a matter of performing an act without creating intimacy in the couple, the sex life will eventually wear out.

Lack of communication: If there is discomfort outside (or inside) the bed and these are not treated properly, it is inevitable that sexual desire will be affected.

Manipulation: Sex should never be used as a reward or punishment tool, otherwise it will lose its function of unifying the couple.

I hope it will be helpful. Good sex for everyone.

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