Chinese balls, all you need to know.

If you want to tone up your pelvic floor after pregnancy, solve the urinary incontinence that disturbs you or simply experience new sensations with your partner, then try working out with the Chinese Balls.

Also known as Geisha Balls, Ben Wa Balls or Vaginal Weights are one of the most popular and ancient erotic anal toys known. They are formed from two spheres that internally contain smaller and heavier balls. With the movement of your body, the internal balls hit the external ones, thus generating a vibration in the walls of your vagina that stimulates blood flow in the area and strengthens your muscles.

Chinese balls can make you feel very sensual and erotic

What are its benefits?

Improve the phase of sexual desire: using Chinese balls can make you feel very sensual and erotic, something like wearing sexy lingerie, as you use them secretly without anyone knowing it. They can also be used to play during the relationship with your partner because you can ask him/her to remove them while you try to keep them.

A more direct effect is lubrication, since the movement of the same stimulates the vagina, favouring blood flow in the area and improving quickly and clearly the levels of lubrication.

Strengthening of the pelvic musculature: with the use of Chinese balls, the vagina is toned thanks to the gentle movements of contraction and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, increasing their sensitivity and thus achieving more intense and longer orgasms.

Improved muscle tone in the vagina can also help you during menopause because most women who go through this phase suffer from vaginal pain and dryness due to lack of muscle tone.

After delivery they are advised by gynaecologists to reinforce the pelvic floor again.

To resolve urinary incontinence, as they help to strengthen the perineal and vaginal area.

What material to buy them from? silicone and TPE (thermoplastics) are the most recommended materials for your safety and peace of mind. It is also important to wash them well with soap and water or a anal toy disinfectant solution before each use. It is best to invest in good quality products so that the material, shape and weight of Chinese Balls are properly designed.

How do I use them? They are inserted as a buffer and it is advisable to use an intimate lubricant to facilitate their sliding.

It is better to use them while your body is in motion and as for any muscular exercise, the ideal thing is to start using them progressively, the first days about 15 minutes and gradually get to use them up to one or two hours a day.

How to choose the right weight?

Chinese balls are available in different weights that vary with the brand. The ideal weight for strengthening your pelvic floor will depend on the initial strength of your muscles, like any body toning exercise, the more weight, the stronger you will need. That’s why we recommend starting with the lighter Chinese balls and gradually increasing it.

And now you just have to try them!

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